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Formed in London in 2013, The PAPARAZZI CITY is a female and male music and pop-art unit by Erile and Taka piyo. Erile contributes with vocal, snare, timbales and tambourine, and Taka piyo with vocal, piano and backing vocal.

They are also fashion designers, and their music and fashion activities are based in the UK and Japan.

They had a stand-alone tour in London in 2016, and released the 1st EP and 12 inch vinyl “HELLO Do Be Do” on 23th September 2016 in the UK and 17th December 2016 in Japan.

The PAPARAZZI CITY creates their original world and creatively combining fashion, art and music; under the concept of “Through sight and sound, enjoying enjoying music together.”

January 2017, Their song“HELLO” was chosen as the power play song on Kyoto JAPAN radio.

In 2018, They had stages in Japan with the U.K artist "The Yearning" .

And they joined the music festival "SOUND CITY 2018" in Liverpool. The BBC Radio MERSEYSIDE invited them to be guests on their show.


Intro on the Rough Trade Stores website.


“Hello Do Be Do is the first 6 track mini album from The Paparazzi City from Japan.

All 6 tracks are catchy pop songs with an analogue feeling and the recordings were made with Piano,

Timbales and snare drum. Catering for your listening pleasure from the land of the lotus blossom,

Mothra vs Godzilla and the Seven Samurai, bewitching your senses with their piano-pumping,

timbale-pounding art-pop, the deliciously dayglo do that is The Paparazzi City!

For fans of Pizzicato 5, all childlike music, Daniel Johnson, wonky John Lennon piano ballads etc.”

by Rough Trade



Intro by Rough Trade:

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